Logistics and Management

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Logistics and Management

The Concrete Canoe team is managed entirely by students. This means that everything from concrete design, hull design, sponsorship, finance, recruitment to trip logistics are managed by students. At the beginning of each school year, all the members of the team come together to discuss about the following year’s plans and goals. The new executive team is also chosen at this time based on each member’s experience on the team and interests.

In recent years, the team has moved towards having two project managers who oversee the entire project - one technical project manager and one logistical project manager. Each project manger’s responsibilities are further distributed amongst several managers who oversees specific aspects of the project. These include the sponsorship manager, paddling coach, hull design manager and mix and composite design manager. The tasks of these managers are further broken down amongst a number of technical supports who works closely with each of the managers.

The reason for the large executive body is because of the student-run nature of the team. All of our team members take time outside of school to come together and we try our best to spread the responsibilties out to as many members as possible. There are a few advantages in doing this:

  • lowers the amount of work on any one member.
  • involves many members in the design process.
  • helps the team develop teamwork skills.
  • more experienced members can teach newer members and help pass on knowledge learned from previous years.

As a result, the Concrete Canoe team at the University of Toronto has developed into a highly self motivating, diverse and one of the largest design team on campus.


Each year, the UofT Concrete Canoe design team design, test, and construct our own canoe and pit it against other universities in national competitions.

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