Canoe songs

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Canoe songs

Alright, nothing shows more Skule spirit than knowing the songs of The Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad associated with your favourite clubs. Here we present the song(s) and verses of Concrete Canoe!

Marching Canoes

(To the tune of “Marching Bands”)

When canoes and concrete fall in line,
We’ve got to build a bridge another time.
And for the mix I yell, yell, yell, yell, yell,
And for the hull design I yell, I yell like hell.
We’re going to stroke, stroke, stroke, for every yard,
Circle the buoys and hit the water hard,
And throw the paddlers upon the surf!

Ox and concrete

(To the tune of “Godiva’s Hymn”)

The Romans fed their concrete mix the blood of ox and men The Mafia uses theirs to teach a lesson now and then But for all their pretty tricks their evil cannot even tie Our trusting it in a canoe to float and keep us dry!

Many ways

(Also to the tune of “Godiva’s Hymn”)

Any Civil Engineer can go for days and days
Describing how concrete’s used in oh-so many ways,
But not till one dark gray night of true debauchery
Was using it to float a boat considered one of these!


Each year, the UofT Concrete Canoe design team design, test, and construct our own canoe and pit it against other universities in national competitions.

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