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Where does the funding get spent?

Making stone float is no easy task. Along with the numerous hours we spend on designing and testing concrete mixes, the entire cycle also includes hull design software, casting materials, construction tools, CNC milling, paddler training and transportation to the competition – all of which costs money. This is why we need your help. Your donations will be spent on obtaining new materials to test and refine our concrete mixes, rent a pool and a canoe for the paddlers to train in as well as purchase tools and supplies such as mixers, scales, screws, nails, wood and dust masks. Furthermore, because the competition calls for professionalism, the presentation of the canoe is also very important. Therefore, we also spend money on sanding and staining our final product and the assembly of a lavish display table at competition.

Aside from monetary donations, can I also contribute materials?

Of course! As we are required to build a canoe every year, we are constantly refining and looking for innovative materials to be used in our concrete mix. Material samples are always welcome.

How much should I be contributing?

As a guideline, we have divided sponsors into three levels.

  • Bronze level $100 - $499
  • Silver level: $500 - $999
  • Gold level: $1000+
  • Technical and Material Sponsors are also very highly valued, and being such a sponsor is a great chance to be unique. We genuinely appreciate this kind of support, and we may be able to do something special for you as well!

    How will I be recognized?

    The University of Toronto Concrete Canoe Team is one of the largest engineering design teams at the university and we are highly visible at many school events. After all, it is hard to miss an entire canoe. Every year, we create a sponsorship banner that we bring to events such as the U of T Engineering Society Club’s Day, U of T Student Union Club’s Day, U of T Discovery Day for parents and prospective students and the U of T Frosh for a Day event, just to name a few. In addition, you will be recognized via our team website and we can even place a link to your company’s website. Every sponsor will also have their company logo added to the back of our team t-shirts for that competition year.

    What do I get?

    In order to show our appreciation for your donations, we will promote our sponsors on social media and put logos of our sponsors on team t-shirts for the year. As a silver sponsor, you will receive a digital copy of our technical report. Gold level sponsors will also receive a hard copy of the technical report as well as an official team t-shirt.

    How do I become a sponsor?

    Being a sponsor is easy. Simply contact us at canoe@g.skule.ca with your company name, mailing address, e-mail, phone number and contact person and we will send you a sponsorship package and all the information you’ll need to become a proud sponsor.

    But I still have questions!

    If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to email us at canoe@g.skule.ca. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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    Each year, the UofT Concrete Canoe design team design, test, and construct our own canoe and pit it against other universities in national competitions.

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