This canoe aint afraid of no ghost! Ecto-2, the first canoe made by UofT with white cement, stood out amongst the other canoes at the competition because of it. With a hull chosen from thousands of analyzed designs, and a total weight (lightest at the competition) of 157 lbs, Ecto-2 was also a work of technical excellence. The competition at Queen’s university was a tremendous success, with UofT sending its biggest team in years, along with Blue and Gold arriving to cheer UofT on.

  • Alex Sues [CHE0T?]
  • Angela Hsu [MEK0T?]
  • Beckett Zhou [NSCI0T9]
  • Ben Nieuwland [ARTS]
  • Brendan Pipa [NSCI0T9]
  • Cam Fraser [NSCI0T7]
  • Cecilia Pang [ECE0T8]
  • Charlie Wang [NSCI1T0]
  • Chen Chen [INDY0T9]
  • Daniel Zaide [NSCI0T7]
  • David Ruggiero [NSCI0T8]
  • Eva Chau [CIV0T9]
  • Everett Okanski [CIV1T0]
  • Franz LaZerte [MEK0T9]
  • Jared Stang [ARTS]
  • John Mcleod [NSCI0T6]
  • Jonathan Asmis [NSCI0T8]
  • Jonathan Ho [NSCI1T0]
  • Justin Shum [?0T9]
  • Kimberley Rose [NSCI0T6]
  • Lian Ni [NSCI1T0]
  • Lyle Gordon [MSE0T8]
  • Mark Ngo [CHE0T8]
  • Michael Ferri [NSCI1T0]
  • Mike Kranz [CIV0T?]
  • Mike Lacourt [CHE0T9]
  • Owen Melville [NSCI0T9]
  • Riley Monsour [MEK0T9]
  • Stephanie Whitehurst [INDY0T?]
  • Timothy Reyes [?0T9]
  • Tim van Putten [CIV0T9]
  • Tom Pickles [MEK0T9]
  • Vicky Wilson [ARTS1T0]


Project Details

Class Year: 1T0

Status:Sunnyside Paddling Club

Theme: Ghostbusters

Placement at CNCCC 2007: 5th

Length: 6.1 m

Weight: 71.2 kg


Project Managers: Chi-Hay Tong [NSCI0T8], Topaz Chiu [NSCI0T8]

Recent Builds

704 Spadina

(2019 - 2020)


(2018 - 2019)


(2017 - 2018)


(2016 - 2017)


(2015 - 2016)


Each year, the UofT Concrete Canoe design team design, test, and construct our own canoe and pit it against other universities in national competitions.

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