704 Spadina

704 Spadina

Across the Toronto landscape, the streaks of red are an unmistakable defining landmark and a reminder as North America’s lasting streetcar city.

Brought to the city in 1977, the Canadian Light Rail Vehicle (CLRV) streetcars deserve their title as the “Red Rocket”, bringing mobility and access to the busy streets of the downtown core. After 42 years in service, the CLRVs made their last run in 2019, making room for the highly optimized version of the streetcar to meet the demands of a rapidly changing city.

Like the CLRVs, the University of Toronto Concrete Canoe Team (UTCCT) 2020 concrete canoe, 704 Spadina, represents both history and innovation. The name 704 Spadina pays homage to the team’s past beloved design space, where the sound of streetcars rolling down Spadina Ave. were always a staple of a team meeting at 704. Although a cultural aspect of the team was lost, the team persevered and upheld the values and goals that have been their foundation since its inception. Toronto as a streetcar city embodies what the proposed concrete canoe aims to be: sustainable, efficient in performance, and constantly improving in the face of change.

  • Ashley An [CIV 2T1]
  • Natasha Valenton [MECH 1T9 + PEY]
  • Rick Liu [CIV 1T9 + PEY]
  • Ali Muhammad [CIV 1T9 + PEY]
  • Nicola Liu [MATH 2T2]
  • Sarah Birch [CHEM 2T2]
  • Jeffery Wang [MSE 1T9 + PEY]
  • Aidan Ashton [CIV 2T2]
  • Michael Zolis [CHEM 2T1]
  • Moranne Parsons [CIV 2T1]
  • Stella Gregorski [CHEM 2T2]
  • Robin Ahmed [CIV 2T1]
  • Ernie Lee [CIV 2T2]
  • Eileen Lau [ECE 2T0 + PEY]
  • Fahd Mohamed [CIV 2T2]
  • Madeline Lee [INDY 2T3]
  • Shirley Zhang [CIV 2T1]
  • Will Hall [CIV 2T3]
  • Ellen Tan [T1 2T3]
  • Elliot De Angelis [CHEM 2T2]
  • Stephanie Yang [T1 2T3]
  • Andrew Wuebbolt [MSE 2T1]
  • Julia Bincik [MSE 2T1]
  • May Lai [CIV 2T0 + PEY]
  • Baotian Fu [ECE 2T1]
  • Anna Sun [CHEM 2T2]
  • Andria Liu [CIV 2T2]


Project Details

Class Year: 2T3

Status: Storage

Theme: TTC

Placement at CNCCC 2020: Competition cancelled due to COVID-19

Length: 5.50 m

Weight: 72.0 kg

Awards: N/A

Project Managers: Natasha Valenton, Ashley An

Recent Builds

704 Spadina

(2019 - 2020)


(2018 - 2019)


(2017 - 2018)


(2016 - 2017)


(2015 - 2016)


Each year, the UofT Concrete Canoe design team design, test, and construct our own canoe and pit it against other universities in national competitions.

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